Useful links

Here you can find useful links to help you in your research endeavours! is a versatile online tool designed to extract numerical data from images, empowering users to efficiently digitize graphs and charts for further analysis and interpretation. is an innovative platform leveraging artificial intelligence to provide researchers with contextually relevant citation analysis, facilitating efficient literature review and enhancing scholarly discourse.

Elicit is an AI-driven research assistant that expedites the research process by identifying key articles and generating related questions. is a dynamic online paraphrasing tool that utilizes AI technology to help users generate high-quality and unique content effortlessly, making it an indispensable resource for writers and content creators. is an innovative online tool designed to automatically verify statistical results in academic papers, ensuring accuracy and integrity in research findings.

PubSure by Researcher.Life is a cutting-edge platform empowering researchers with streamlined and insightful manuscript submission processes, enhancing visibility and credibility within the scholarly community.

PlagScan offers a comprehensive plagiarism detection service tailored for academic and professional use, providing reliable and efficient solutions to ensure the integrity of written content.

DeepL Translator is an intuitive and powerful online translation tool renowned for its exceptional accuracy and natural-sounding translations across multiple languages. is a visual tool for researchers to explore academic papers. Enter a starting paper and it generates a graph of related research, helping you find new connections and avoid missing key works.
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